Recipe Suggestions

  • Top Up Shop's Perfect Bolognese/Lasagne Sauce

    Sometimes you just can't beat whipping up something you know will feed you well for at least two dinners in a row, maybe even two dinners and lunch...
  • Top Up Shop's Homemade Popcorn

    It genuinely couldn’t be easier to get a whole pan of delicious soft homemade popcorn and it’s one of the best plastic free swaps for movie night s...
  • Top Up Shop's Coffee and Walnut Energy Balls

    One of our simplest recipes yet (which we think is saying something as we do try to keep them nice and easy!), these brilliant coffee and walnut en...
  • Top Up Shop's Signature Hummus

    If you're anything like me and Daisy you probably go through a whole lot of hummus on your lunchtimes, and getting those tubs from the supermarkets...
  • Top Up Shop's Creamy Mushroom Casarecce

    Easy peasy lunch idea with our new favourite pasta, organic white spelt Casarecce and a super easy creamy mushroom sauce! 
  • Top Up Shop's Chilli Sin Carne

    If anyone else has ever tried to take a picture of a bowl of chilli I hope you will share my unrelenting frustration that something so delicious can look so rubbish in so many photos. Anyway here is our latest slightly delayed recipe for all you lovers wondering what you can do with your Top Up Shop goodies! We supply all the main ingredients for this delicious Chilli Sin Carne (veggie version but easily made vegan with a different mince alternative, we used Quorn mince) so all you have to do is chuck it together!
  • Top Up Shop's Split Red Lentil Dhaal

    We really love this recipe as not only is it extremely delicious and makes an absolute ton but it's entirely plastic free!
  • Top Up Shop's Green Lentil Salad

    This was our very first adventure into writing out our own recipe's out and it's still a firm summer dinner favourite in our house!