Top Up Shop's Coffee and Walnut Energy Balls

One of our simplest recipes yet (which we think is saying something as we do try to keep them nice and easy!), these brilliant coffee and walnut energy balls are the perfect healthy snack for those working from home mid-mornings. They're like a super simple, super healthy version of a nice slice of coffee and walnut cake and extremely adaptable to your own tastes. 

Simply bung the following into a bowl, give a good stir to combine thoroughly and then leave it to chill in the fridge for an hour or so, BADABING BADABOOM - 

 - Half a mug of oatflakes
- a quarter of a mug of quinoa flakes
- half a mug of Nutcessity coffee and walnut nutbutter (or just quite a lot to make sure everything is coated well)
- a generous helping of honey, I used about a third of a mug
- 2 tablespoons of chia seeds

As you can tell these are pretty much up to interpretation and my quantities are pretty flexible and guesstimated but have a play around and see what you prefer! Make sure you chill them before eating so all the delicious honey and oils from the nut butter can soak into the oats and chia a little more to make the texture more delicious. Optional extras include desiccated coconut, extra nuts, and flaxseeds or similar? Anything ya like to be quite honest, it's all delicious!

Packed full of all of those good oils and protein and fibre, but the best part about it? All the ingredients apart from the honey are available online with us RIGHT NOW! Can you believe?!

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