Top Up Shop's Homemade Popcorn

It genuinely couldn’t be easier to get a whole pan of delicious soft homemade popcorn and it’s one of the best plastic free swaps for movie night snacking. The best, foolproof technique is as follows -

🍿 Drizzle olive oil into a medium to large sized pan so that it covers the base of the pan in a thin layer. Add three individual kernels to the pan, place over a medium heat and cover with a lid.

🍿Wait patiently until all three kernels have popped, this is an indicator that the oil is hot enough to cook your batch! Remove the pan from the heat for 1 minute, take out the popped kernels and then pour enough popcorn into the pan to cover the base in a single layer (they shouldn’t be on top of each other that will be too much). Mix the kernels around so that they are all evenly coated in the oil.

🍿Place the pan back onto the medium heat with the lid on slightly ajar to release steam but keep it small enough that the popcorn can’t escape because trust me it will try!Wait while your popcorn begins to pop and only once there is more than a 2 second gap between pops take it off the heat and wait for the pops to stop completely.

🍿Shake into a bowl, top liberally with your favourite seasonings (mine is just salt and pepper but you can be much more ambitious) and enjoy!

Needless to say our organic popping corn has become one of our most popular products, we’ve gone from not being sure it would sell to shifting kilo after to kilo of it and selling out! Get yours online now (along with your olive oil if you were so inclined 😉) and get that snacking on plastic freeeeeeeee 🌳

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