Top Up Shop's Perfect Bolognese/Lasagne Sauce

Sometimes you just can't beat whipping up something you know will feed you well for at least two dinners in a row, maybe even two dinners and lunch too if you're lucky, and this rich and delicious lasagne is just the ticket for that. Recipe below, I implore you all to try this immediately as it'll be the best Monday night dinner you'll ever make.

🍝 Dice one medium sized red onion and soften it over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes in a dash of olive oil. One the onion has softened a little add 3 diced cloves of garlic  and 1 tsp each of smoked paprika and cumin.

 🍝 Toast your spices and soften the garlic a little in the pan for a couple of minutes before adding 2 tsp of Top Up Shop’s finest tomato puree. Stir for a further minute and then add one can of Top Up Shop chopped tomatoes. We also add vegan mince but it isn’t essential and you can use your choice of any meat alternatives.

🍝  Put 1 1/2 to 2 tsp of sugar in to taste, this will counteract the acidity of the chopped tomatoes and help them simmer down all saucy and delicious. Then add 1/2 tsp of good salt (Top Up Shop unrefined sea salt is brilliant) and 200ml of vegetable stock.

🍝 Pop some rosemary and a bay leaf or two in for that herby goodness and let your bolognese sauce simmer for 10-15 minutes on a medium low heat. When it’s simmering a little one of my tricks is to also add about 1/2 a tsp of marmite to add that extra umami flavour, you can’t beat it.

 🍝 Whilst your sauce is having a nice time simmering down you can whip up a very simple white/cheese sauce for the lasagne layers and bing bang bong you’re ready to go. Your bolognese sauce should have reduced down to a rich thickened tomatoey delight and make sure you taste test it to check all the flavours are in balance for your palate.

 🍝 Layer up your lasagne sauce first, then lasagne sheets, then white sauce in this order until all of your sauce runs out. We usually manage about three layers, and then pop it in the oven on 180-200c for 25 minutes until it’s crispy on top and bubbling away in the middle.

I promise you this recipe has been perfected over many and year and it will not let you down, it’s actually a big deal of me to share my tried and tested bolognese secrets with you so please do try it out and let me know how you do! You could of course also just use this recipe to make bolognese and serve it on it’s own with spaghetti or your favourite pasta of choice (we have plenty to choose from).

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