Cleaning Refills Bundle

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  • £12.00

Want to start off your circular cleaning refills with a bang? And a great discount? We've very kindly put together these little bundles of all the necessary cleaning liquids to have your home properly stocked up and sparkling clean in every area. Each bundle contains the following (all bottles are 500ml capacity) -

- Floor Cleaner (Nutty Almond Scented)

- Multi-Surface Cleaner (French Lavender Scented)

- Washing Up Liquid (Apple Orchard Scented)

- Laundry Liquid (Fresh Air Scented)

- Fabric Conditioner (Tropical Coconut Scented)

With our incredibly competitive price of £12 a bundle you're saving over £2 on our usual RRP!

Please get in contact if you have any known allergies to cleaning products, fragrances. Ingredients for each product can be found on their individual listings, our supplier Miniml Refills website, and requested anytime from us directly.