About Us

Top Up Shop is the lovechild of Ava and Daisy, a couple living in Leyton in Waltham Forest. It started simply as a wish to make shopping without plastic more accessible. We always wanted to shop at the local zero waste stores, but when theres not necessarily one right on your doorstep it can be hard to get out to them with your pots and jars. We thought, why not do the hard part for you and bring a circular system straight to your doorstep? When everything in the entire world can be delivered with one click now, why not sustainable shopping? We started trading in the eye of the coronavirus storm in April 2020, bringing a much needed food and household essentials delivery service to the lovely locals of Waltham Forest and those who really needed it most. Since then we've saved the equivalent of over 300 single use plastic food containers from ending up in the landfill and over 100 single use plastic bottles by helping our customers use our plastic free circular system. We'll never look back!