All our food stuffs are kept in their own airtight containers but held and packed in the same space. Please alert us to any allergens or intolerances prior to or during your ordering process so we can make sure to pack your order away from potential contamination.

Surfaces are regularly wiped down and separate labelled scoops are used for each product. The known allergens we work with currently in our stock room that we personally handle are: Cereals containing GLUTEN.

We do currently have some products which contain tree nuts as ingredients but which arrive to us prepacked and sealed. We also stock one chocolate option which contains milk powder but which also arrives to us prepacked and sealed. 

Our dried food stuffs offering currently is entirely vegan friendly so our stock room does not personally pack or handle any dried food products which contain eggs, fish, shellfish or milk but we do work with suppliers who may be handling these in their own production spaces.

The full ingredients for any of our prepacked products are listed individually on our product pages with known allergens listed in BOLD, if you are in any doubt over products which will be suitable to your specific dietary/allergen requirements please contact us in the first instance before you place your order.