Looking for an answer about how we work or our products? You've come to the right place, these are our most frequently asked questions! If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly, we're always happy to chat and answer any more specific questions!


How does the circular local delivery system work?

We have a dedicated page for an in depth run down on how our local delivery section works which is called 'How It Works' in our header at the top of the website so do take a look at this! In essence we function like a milkman service where we will deliver your items in reusable packaging that you'll then return to us when you're finished with them and we switch them back out with full ones. Round and round we go forever!

Do you have any items available for postage?

Yes! We have a specific category in our 'shop' drop down menu called 'Available for Postage', these are all of our current stock items which are suitable for postage across the UK. Due to packaging restraints and our emphasis on a circular system we cannot post any of our loose bulk foods or liquid refills but we are more than happy to dispatch all items in our dedicated postage friendly category across the UK and Northern Ireland. 

Are you able to account for specific allergies?

In general, for most moderate allergens yes we are, however, we would always ask that anyone with a specific allergy or dietary requirement contact us prior to your order to discuss your personal needs. We have more information about our packing and storage in relation to allergen management on our 'Allergens' page. The only allergen we work with in our loose foods that we pack personally is gluten but we do hold items that arrive to us prepacked with further allergens listed. Each food product will have any allergens reported to us from our suppliers listed clearly on their individual item pages along with a full ingredients lists for relevant food products.

Can I collect my order?

At the moment unfortunately we cannot offer collection. Our stock room is housed in a shared space and we are endeavouring to keep this as secure and safe as possible for ourselves to keep running as normal. We are looking to work with another local business who may be able to act as a collection point for us but this isn't yet confirmed or set up at the current moment. We always update on any major changes via our newsletter each month so if this is something you are particularly keen on do keep an eye on these.