Basics Bundle

Basics Bundle

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Not sure what to go for? Don't panic, our basics bundle takes all the hassle away and makes sure you get the perfect range of all of the staples! In one swift purchase you get - 

500g Organic Spelt Conchiglie

500g Organic Spelt Fusilli

500g Long Grain Brown Rice

500g Red Kidney Beans

500g Chickpeas

The perfect long life pantry starter set for a range of delicious stews and pasta options. Please feel free to order two for growing families but as we have set aside a limited amount of stock for these bundles we ask that you try to not to overbuy so as many customers can access these as possible: 1 bundle will feed 2 people for approximately a week (alongside perishable goods). 

Allergens: Gluten

All our food stuffs are kept in their own airtight containers but held and packed in the same space. Please alert us to any allergens or intolerances prior to or during your ordering process so we can make sure to pack your order away from potential contamination.