Pump Street Chocolate Bars (70g)

Pump Street Chocolate Bars (70g)

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As our first ever seasonal offering we have finally got in some incredible chocolate from the lovely bakers and chocolate makers at Pump Street Chocolate. In our range of their core bars we have four equally delicious options to choose from - 

- The vegan friendly Ecuador 66% Sourdough & Sea Salt which combines Pump Street's two signature products: dark chocolate and sourdough. The sourdough add a beautifully satisfying crunch and maltiness to the rich Ecuadorian chocolate. These are seriously something special.

Ingredients (allergens listed in bold): Cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, breadcrumbs (wheat/gluten), and sea salt.


- Our very first and only white chocolate offering from Pump Street - the 44% Madagascar White. A creamy classic white chocolate with subtle vanilla notes offering a rounded sweetness. 

Ingredients (allergens listed in bold): Organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, and milk powder. 


- My personal favourite, the Grenada 70% Panettone,  made with actual panettone giving you that beautiful Christmas fruit and mixed peel taste and finished off with sugar crystals like only the finest proper Italian panettone! Its super fragrant and delicious and feels like a really indulgent festive treat. 

Ingredients (allergens listed in bold) - cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, flour (wheat), butter, egg yolk, malt extract, honey, salt, panettone natural essence, vanilla paste, Armagnac, candied orange peel, almonds, sugar crystals.

- Brand new to us this year and quickly becoming a festive favourite, the Jamaica 62% Gingerbread made with actual gingerbread cookies. Spiced not just with ginger but cinnamon and cardamom too, when combined with Jamaican cocoa they produce a chocolate with a rich and deep seasonal flavour and a lasting toasty finish.

Ingredients (allergens listed in bold) - cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, flour (wheat), butter, sugar, eggs, black treacle, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, baking powder, salt. 


Please note, Pump Street also handle dairy, gluten, nuts, and seeds on their premises.